Sanjeev Abhayankar:

"My Guruji, Pandit Jasraj is a pleasant and luminous personality. His singing is an experience, which makes you, at once, happy and introspective. As a singer he is like the effulgent sun that has illuminated my musical path. As a human being his affection for me has been like the soft, cool caress of the moon. I remain ever grateful to God who has blessed me with such a guru."

Kala Ramnath:

"My grandfather used to make me listen to a lot of classical music of a lot of artists. The long-playing record of Mamaji, which he had brought (Bhimpalas and Sudh Sarang), was my favourite and my first acquaintance with his music which later on was to mould my life and destiny.

I'm totally indebted to Mamaji, my Guruji, for what I'm today. I'm fortunate to have been introduced to vast audiences all round the world as his accompanist. Every concert has been a learning process and an experience revealing to me many new shades of his music, also bringing with it a new awareness hitherto unknown to me and making me delve into deeper realms of the ocean of his divine music.

My only prayer is that my guru's blessings remain with me forever and help me acheive my dream of singing his music through my violin just like my aunt Rajam did thereby immortalising her guru Pt. Omkarnath Thakur. On a personal footing he has been the father that I haven't had since I was a teenager. What more could I ask for! Pranam Mamaji. Jaiho!"

Rattan Mohan Sharma:

He is not only my uncle and my music Guru, but his role in my life has gone even beyond. As a teacher he has guided my entire personality as a human being. He has helped me develop my life's philosophy from every angle, and has put me in touch with the heights of divinity which, as a humble student of Guruji shall remain my lifelong pursuit.


Sougat and Chandra Bannerjee:

"Guruji's music is no less than the manifestation of the Divine. Just as he himself realises God through his singing, his audience too is given the privilege to share in that ecstasy."

Kedar Pandit:

"I love his love for music"



Pritam Bhattacharya:

"Guruji, for me is the divine expression of music"

Paramita Deshmukh:

"I had heard about God but now I can feel his presence. I perceive God, within Guruji. His blessings will lead me through life."

Vijay Sathe:

I wish to put it down with all reverence that I owe my musical existence to Pujya Guruji. His tutelage is very much comparable to that of a relationship between a father and son. I feel very fortunate and honoured to have become his disciple.

Tripti Mukherji:

"Guruji, Matarani Ki Kripa Se Aap Ko Meri Umar Lag Jaye"
Jai Mata Di.

Girish Wazalwar

Our respected Guruji, PANDIT JASRAJJI, is a living legend and a milestone in the field of Indian Classical music. Though he has been showered with innumerable honors epithets, most precious to him is “RASRAJ”, which his fans and connoisseurs have lovingly bestowed on him.

Guruji as a human being is extremely lovable and respectable. He is always keen to impart treasures of his knowledge to his students. He is always very keen to teach us, through his behaviour many things e.g: (a) Shuddha Mudra, Shuddha Baani (b) Pure Text (c) Supreme devotion for music (d) Respect for elderly and learned musicians and (e) Not to criticize any of the artists. Many teachings like these reflect his constant endeavuor to mould his students into accomplished musicians as well as good persons.

He strongly feels, and says, that the future of music is very safe in the hands of the newer generation. This faith of his generates tremendous amount of confidence in us and also inspires us to do something worthwhile.

We are extremely proud to be the disciples of such a great personality and we are also proud of our Mewati Gharana. Our Guruji dreams of our Mewati Gharana illuminating in future also. We, his, disciples, shall work hard to fulfill his dreams and try to give musical and aesthetic satisfaction to the listeners. This can be possible only with his blessings and guidance.

Prasad S.Dusane :

During my training by the Guruji I have found the following....
"Panditji's renderings are very close to Lord Krishna and Mata Kali. He becomes one with the Divine. I am one way lucky person to have found him as my Guruji. I have felt the same affection and respect for him as much as for my own mother."

Golden Jubilee of Pandit Jasraj’s Career
Celebration on June 2, 2002
Arsh Vidya Gurukulam, Saylorsburg, PA

Career Started 50 Years Ago

On June 20, 1952 in Khatmandu, Nepal, Pandit Jasrajaji began his journey as an artist. He performed in the Raj Darbar of King Tribhuvan Vikram of Nepal, at the age of 22. His mastery as a great vocalist of the Indian Classical Music World has flourished throughout last 50 years. Pandit Jasrajaji has offered the greatest gift of his music to the music world around the globe. He has been performing for good causes all over the world. With his music, he is trying to bring all the religions, cultures, and races of the world together.

Planning of Celebration

Pandit Jasraj’s disciple Triptiji Mukharji, and his niece Mrs. Asha Kumta created an idea of the celebration. Ms. Tripti Mukherjee immediately began planning of the Golden Jubilee celebration. She received full support from Guruji’s disciples Mukesh Desai and Suman Ghosh. Celebration took place on Sunday June 2, 2002 on the last day of Guruji’s workshop to the Pandit Jasraj School of Music Foundation (PJSMF) students..

The first decision was to give Guruji a surprise, absolute surprise! Pandit Jasrajaji was totally surprised, and emotionally speechless at first! This was the Golden Jubilee of Guruji’s complete commitment and devotion to the God and to the music.

Event took place at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, a holy place in Saylorsburg, PA. It is a temple with a very peaceful environment, a perfect hall for celebration, and an excellent facility, staff, and volunteers.

Chief Guest

Chief guest (Guest of Honor) was Ms. Shashi Tripathi (her new title now - High Commissioner at Canada), who her self is a very good singer. Ms. Tripathi gave a great honor to Pandit Jasrajaji, mentioning in her speech, that British took precious treasures from India. They even took Kohinoor ! But look what we still have, the greatest and most valuable hero! Ms. Tripathi wished Pandit Jasraj all the best under the sky!

Arsh Vidya Gurukulam

Sri Sudhatma, and Mr. Ashok Chhabra of Arsh Vidya Gurukulam welcomed Guruji on behalf of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and invited Guruji to consider the place as his home.

The students of PJSMF came from NY, NJ, PA, MD, Washington, D. C., Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan etc. to honor the great soul, the great artist, their beloved Guruji!

The Celebration

As soon as Pandit Jasrajaji entered the hall, he realized what was going on. He first walked straight to the God Dakshinamurti (form of Shiva), performed the prayers, and then began the ceremony. Pandit Jasrajaji was welcomed and honored with tears of happiness, flowers, and Mewati Gharana welcoming song by the students. The atmosphere at that time was very emotional.

Tribute to Guruji

Students sang in a group, Guruji’s favorite Pooja in Mewati Gharana. This was “Lasat Seer Chandra” for Mata Mahakali. He told the audience that this is the prayer he sings every morning, and when he heard all the students singing in “one voice”, he noticed and felt the spirituality and power this prayer offers.!

Mukeshji Desai performed Raag Bhimpalaasi in Teen Taal in offering of love to Guruji for this occasion. Guruji was touched, and was very generous in appreciating the performance.

Triptiji and Sumanji Ghosh offered Guruji his own creation to him for this occasion. The most famous creation of Pandit Jasraj, “Jasrangi Jugalbandhi. When the first time it was played in Pune in 1991, the audience gave it this official name. Triptiji and Sumanji offered this Jasrangi Jugalbandhi to Guruji in their divine voice.

The importance and beauty of the performance of “Jasrangi Jugalbandhi” at the Golden Jubilee celebration is that it was performed for the first time outside of India. BY HIS OWN DISCIPLES, and AS A GIFT TO HIM! Guruji was touched by this outstanding performance!

The students and the disciples honored their Guruji by offering some gifts, including a shawl, a grandfather clock as a plaque, and a frame of Students’ statements for Guruji.

Aditya Banerjee

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